Greenanole463FCSunquistInternal parasites in cats and kittens are diagnosed by a microscopic examination of a fecal sample. The eggs of these parasites are visible only with a microscope.

Parasites of cats and kittens include Toxascaris, Dipylidium, Ancylostoma, coccidia, Giardia, and more! For fecal analysis please bring a fecal sample that is less than 24 hours old, soft (not dried out), and identified as to the cat or kittens name. You may pick up a fecal sampling container from our clinic, or use a Ziploc bag for the sample. Kittens are tested starting at 6 weeks of age. Adult cats that go outdoors or hunt prey should be tested every 3 months. Adult cats that stay indoors and don’t hunt prey should be tested every 6 months.

Always bring a fresh fecal sample when coming for your cat’s important Annual Exam.

pic toxascaris wormpic toxascaris eggpic tapeworm