Here at The Cat’s Meow Clinic, we are fully licensed with our IRC.

An animal control division ensures that all local regulations are being met. It also ensures regulations about ownership, care, and custody of domestic animals are being met to assist in the public safety. This will further help prevent animal cruelty. They require that animal owners have their IRC license.

The animal control division also runs an animal-licensing program so that animals are kept up to date on all of their vaccinations. The IRC license is a main license in the program.

Our practice is able to assist you with licensing your pet. We proudly work with the animal control division to fight for the same causes they do. We are an animal hospital that cares. We want to makes sure that animals stay off of the streets and have the proper vaccinations so that they do not spread any diseases such as rabies.

It is important understand how beneficial the animal county control center is. Our practice makes it easy for your pet to receive an IRC license.

If you have any questions regarding our services or qualifications, contact us today at (772) 388-5550.